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Jan 25, 2013 6:00pm EST
. previously problems in tennessee as this very cold air is all the way down there. but this has been coating bridges. they have had hundreds of accidents and quite a mess. and they're looking forward to the clipper clipping on out of north carolina because they're going to be stuck in the deep freeze. we are real cold. 21 degrees here. and it'sage 6:00. we barely got up to 21 degrees today. it's 18 in baltimore, gaithersburg, and at dulles. 19 at winchester and martinsburg. hagerstown at 18, too. i saw some wet spots out there. they could be in untreated areas, mighty slippery later tonight and first thing tomorrow morning. we're likely going to be spending most of the night in the teens. keep in mind the clouds are going to clear out. i think these temperatures could drop just a little bit more. so we worry about slippery spots and expect those testimonies in the suburbs to -- temperatures in the suburbs to drop to the lower teens. tomorrow a warm-up, 33 degrees. we'll get above freezing for the first time in a few days. and the sunshine will do a number on that snow pack. notice the wind n
Jan 19, 2013 6:00pm EST
hits young people hard, too. activity is widespread through every state, except tennessee and hawaii. >>> a health story that may bug you a little bit. bedbugs are on the rise again across the united states. the little critters are the size and color of a flat apple seed and not just found on mattresses and upholstry. the top city with bedbug treatments is chicago, with washington, dc coming in at number 7. >>> still ahead on fox 5 news, looking to get away? a consumer alert on why now is the perfect time to book a cruise vacation.  . >>> honda is recalling 748,000 vehicles because of missing rivets. the rivets are to help deploy the air bag on the driver's side. the recall involves the odyssey mini van and the pilot. the vehicles were produced in 2009 through 2012. you should take yours to the dealer for inspection if you should have any of those model cars. >>> may be the middle of winter, but it's the perfect time to start thinking about catching a wave. >> reporter: wave season. the travel period which lasts from january to february. it's the time of year when crui
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2